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24 in 24: DC – 5:00 AM @ The Diner

4:00 AM and we wake up at Scottigee’s place in Fairfax after a night of Hornsby’s Hard Cider and deer cleaning. We pack up the Golf and get to Adams Morgan at 5:10. After four hours of sleep, the yawns come as easy as Sunday Morning, which we will see without closing our eyes for even a fifteen minute nap. We order the steak and cheese omelette from Janelle, who is as hot as the cheese grits I ate there. Janelle, If you’re reading this, my number is (949) 4-FOODIE; I really think we made a connection over my burnt tongue and the extra veggies in my omelette. I must admit, I have gained a few pounds since we met.

The Diner wins the Drop It Like It’s Hot award for 24 in 24: DC. Beware the molten cheddar grits.

Tongue scorched, we are on the way to the Kramerbooks & Afterwords Café.

The Diner
2453 18th St NW
Washington, DC
(202) 232-8800‎

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