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I broke my cat.

The cat was an extremely tacky cat made of porcelain that the Chinese goverment seems to require be placed in all shops. It looks sort of like this, but mine was metallic gold and the hand was mechanized so it actually waved to you. Like I said, extremely tacky.

The cat signifies good luck for taking in money. I dropped it while I was waiting for an elevator at a place that was going to pay me for teaching services rendered. They weren’t there, so I didn’t get the money.

Then I get back to my office and turn on my computer and the first E-mail I check is from Curt and he leads off with this link.

GE Global eXchange Services is where I’m supposed to be working in July. Hopefully I won’t be needing the services of these guys anytime soon.

I don’t believe in “bad omens,” but I think I might be buying another cat real soon.

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