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Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 16:33:07 -0400

OK, we need to get some guys together for the Bills v. Pats game at Foxboro. The date is November 11th. Whoever knows his address, please forward this to Callan. I’m figuring this could make for a fun weekend. E-mail me if you’re down and we’ll work out the logistics later.

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That’s my only saved correspondence from the eleventh of September. I guess by 4:30 that day I had absorbed as much CNN as I could stand and set my mind on other things.

I have a question . . . When the news that day came that “Building 7” had collapsed, did anyone else think to themselves “Hmm, Building 7, huh?” with just about no emotion? Well, I did.

Building 7? Who ever heard of Building 7? When people used to think “World Trade Center” they thought “those two humongous buildings” and not little rinky-dink Building 7. Building 7 collapsed, and in related news, President Bush scratched his ass. My compassion must have been completely used up because that’s about what it felt like after being so overwhelmed by the macabre screenplay I was (we were) exposed to that day.

I went out to Albany that weekend, and I saw the skyscrapers in a new light. The buildings in Albany aren’t that tall compared to those of NYC. As I was driving down 787, I couldn’t take my eyes off the tallest building in our State’s capital. I pictured a 737 slamming into the side of it imagining glass, gypsum board, and body parts raining onto my Mazda as I passed underneath.

I was scared of what the building could do if it had been provoked. This thing was HUGE. It towered at least 20 stories over any of the surrounding buildings. It was only 44 stories tall, which was exactly the number of floors that were now lying in a pile of rubble where Building 7 once stood.

So who’s up for some football?

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