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Yesterday, I kind of haphazardly threw everything into the washing machine and then got into the shower. I heard a clunking sound and figured it was something wrong with the machine. It turns out that it was an Elph.

A Canon Elph that I got from Karen for my birthday last year. I was wary of APS cameras before I got it because of how expensive the developing costs were, but I found I could get prints and buy film at really good prices when I borrowed my friend’s Sam’s Club card. I love taking pictures and I took this thing everywhere. It didn’t take the best photographs in the world (it was a point and shoot), but it was much more convenient than my practice of continuously buying disposables.

I was talking with Spytek, and he commented that it was always the pictures you lose that you care about. You know, I’d really like the pictures that I took of the “Snakes Penises” liquor and the company with a pimp hat for a logo, but I don’t care. I want my camera back. I have nine rolls of advantix film, three weeks left in China, and two weeks of vacation to places I’ve never been before. I can’t afford the digital camera I want (and I can’t find it in China anyway, nor do I have a USB port on my computer), and it’s hell to buy anything Advantix over here, so I’m stuck either buying a new camera or a bunch of disposables.

The same day, my favorite (and only) sandals broke. I’m an eleven and you can’t buy anything over size ten over here to save your life.

And I itch from a sunburn. Those are the biggest problems in my life right now. I’d say I’m a pretty lucky man.

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