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Me : The guy at the restaurant on the corner just assaulted me

Curt : What?

Curt : Get out

Me : He said he wanted to be friends

Me : So I said “OK, we are friends.”

Me : Whatever

Me : And then he grabbed my leg

Curt : WHOA! Uhhhhh

Me : I was like, outta here pal. Now.

Curt : You gotta punch that jerkoff in the face and run as fast as you can

Curt : That’s just nuts

Me : I have had dinner with him before; he’s the owner

Me : This time, he came to the restaurant all drunk

Me : His wife was there . . . I got the impression that she wasn’t too happy about it

Me : No shit she’s not happy if he hangs around touching dudes after he’s had a few

Curt : HA! Seriously. That is ridiculous.

Curt : They speak english?

Me : No, but I made the motions. She understood

Curt : You learning some Chinese now or what?

Me : Yi dian dian

Me : That means “a little”

Curt : Pretty good

Curt : But you better learn “I’m not gay” real quick

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