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Some Interesting Public Service announcements on Pearl (English-language channel out of Hong Kong):

-Please do not traffic endangered-species through Hong Kong without a license

-Support filming in your community

-Methadone treatment aims to reduce harm and help reintegrate rehabilitated drug users into society

-The Women’s Commission aims to fix the due status of women!

-Telecom competition is good for everyone! Enrich your living; gain access to new telecommunications services

-The Geotechnical Engineering office reminds you not to ignore landslide warnings and not to drive in hilly areas when the warnings are in effect

-Remember the good cat logic! (Ad shows old and young cats hunting mice) When recruiting, it’s not age that matters, it’s how well the job is done that counts.

-Learn Basic Law: Athletes may enter international competitions using the name Hong Kong, China and win honors for Hong Kong.

-Those who have left the penal system have worked hard to earn back their place in society. Please support and hire rehabilitated offenders!

The Hong Kong government shown here peddling the services of criminals to foreigners who are far too intelligent to fall for this frail attempt at a crime prevention program. “Please! We don’t want to pay for their incarceration any more! Give these low-lifes a job to keep them from stealing your stuff.” I wonder if they think any of these ads work?

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