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Today I saw a father and three of his children on a bicycle. A single bicycle. On a VERY busy street.

Two girls (each around six years of age) were sitting behind him on the rack in the back, and his three year-old son was sitting on the handlebars with his feet in the wire-mesh basket among bags of vegetables they had purchased at the market. At the particularly confusing intersection where I saw him, he was trying to turn left from the completely opposite side of the road. As I passed him (at a normal, non-threatening speed) and saw this, I wanted to stop and berate him for being such an irresponsible father and demonstrating such poor judgment to his children (couldn’t; language barrier). As I sat here writing this, I started to think that it might be better if a truck ran over the lot of them, hoping that it might save three families from similar fates twenty-five or so years from now.

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