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I am going to start using more obscure references when I write. I find these references grab readers more quickly because if someone gets it, they immediately think “MAN! It’s like he’s writing just for me! He WRITES what I’m THINKING!” I am going to start writing as if you and I were sitting on a couch together discussing why Square One’s “Mathnet” skits were far superior to The Bloodhound Gang. The ACTUAL Bloodhound Gang. What show was TBG from again?.

Yesterday, I was reading this and was debating whether to link it from my website. She has some good stuff, and then again, she has some weird stuff that I can’t yet relate to (and she also writes about stuff that I’m sure I’ll never relate to and is just completely whacked), but when I read “It was much better than Cats,” I knew she was linkworthy. I am going to use obscure references again and again.

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