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The first moped adventure I took began at about 11:00 PM. I saw a lot of things, but I specifically remember wondering why the barber shops were still open. It was a foriegn idea to me, and I was completely puzzled as to why there’d be any business at a hairdresser’s at midnight.

Last week, my friend Robert from Nebraska (who probably is the best undestood English teacher in China since he speaks so damn slowly) said, “You see all down there; all them shops lit up in all them pretty colors? You go in any one’uh them, get a rub and tuck fer ’bout thirty you-wan.” Thirty Yuan is $3.75 USD. A “Rub and Tuck” is a massage and a handjob.

I drove by, and lo and behold, they were all hair salons. It appeared that the “Rub and Tuck” was not the only item on the menu, either. I wandered into one and had my picture taken with a few of the “stylists.” Needless to say, I now understand why the hairdressers in China work the third shift. I reckon there’s just no business in the mornin’ ’round these parts .

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