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DVD update: I can now buy DVDs for the low, low price of $0.72 each. I have started buying DVDs because I know that it’s cheaper than renting them at Blockbuster. This afternoon I bought The Animal and K-Pax for that reason alone. And I knew that my collection was really getting huge when realized after I got home that I already bought the movie Heat. Not that I like Heat so much, it’s just one of those movies I only like, so it’s not as easy to remember as one that I love, like The Usual Suspects.

I bought “Rosemary’s Baby” because I thought it had the line “A DINGO ATE YOUR BABY!” in it. It’s got baby in the title . . . I think that’s where the similarities end. Let’s just hope the movie’s worth that Slurpee I won’t get to buy back in the states.

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