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This stuff is gold. So today’s post is gonna go like this . . . Quote from link-Comment, Quote from link-Comment. Here we go:

“A survey of 50 teen-age girls in Tokyo found that only one had yet to lose her virginity, and that was probably only because she was a second year junior high school student.”

In a related story, Japan has stripped the United States of the title: “The land of opportunity.”

“A friend told me if you scoop yourself out with a coffee spoon when you’ve finished you’ll be safe. So I always carry a few disposable coffee spoons around with me,” a 17-year-old girl says as she waves around one of her precious contraceptive utensils.

. . . because you saw what happened in China with the whole chopstick fiasco.

“Beaches are filled with germs and beach bums. My girlfriend and I hung out at the beach the past two summers and came home with the clap both times.”

Here’s a thought; maybe you should stop vacationing in New Jersey.

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