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Tweet Like a Superstar in 5 Hours
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Tweet Like a Superstar in 5 Hours

twitterconfusedSo you’ve heard of this Twitter thing. Businesses use it. You know there are some restaurants on it and their business works well because of it believe your business should be on Twitter, you might have even created an account, so how do you drive customers to your actual location by utilizing the service?

If you can text, forward funny e-mails, and are comfortable sharing the praise you receive for your business, you can learn all it takes to be a Twitter superstar in five hours. Once you know the Twitter conversation basics, bringing in new customers from talk on Twitter is a lot less complicated than it seems. We’ve even created a free download titled, “Just About Everything you Need to Know About Twitter.” Click here to grab it and learn. In a five hour one-on-one, we’ll get you familiar with these basics, make it easy for you to send twitter messages (to tweet) from anywhere with an internet connection (or even your phone), show you how to grow a followership, and with whom to be friends.

So, where do I find these friends?

As super foodies ourselves, we created a few lists of the most active and influential NYC foodies, restaurateurs, writers, and chefs for you to talk to and make friends with. We’ve created another list of national and international food celebrities and restaurants doing awesome stuff to interact with as well. Then, If you want to develop further social media skills, we’ve developed yet another list of experts on the cutting edge of the marketing, PR, and branding fields.

How am I going to make friends?

By being yourself! Possibly a bit more outgoing version of yourself, but basically yourself. People want to know who’s behind the grill at your restaurant, and people want to have conversations with other interesting people. Talk about interesting things, be interesting, and people will be interested in you.

How do I advertise for my restaurant?

One of the things about Twitter to keep in mind is rule of the 1:11 marketing to information ratio: for every one ad you post to Twitter, you should send ten interesting, informational messages. Of course, if you’re getting praise or press, you have to talk about that, too! If people are talking about you, you want everyone else to know!

The bottom line is that people like people. You want to come across as a regular person excited about your brand, and not some automaton regurgitating sales information. Intersperse cool content with marketing and you’ll do just fine.

So, I get the ratio thing, but where do I get the rest of the content and what is it?

We set you up with a page that throws hundreds of cool, current articles articles at you every day and lets you insert them into your twitter feed with one click. Are you really into the Mets and Australian wine? We’ll hit you with 40 articles a day on each, and you can choose which ones to pass along to your followers. New shampoo works incredibly well? Go ahead and tell everyone! As silly as this sounds, you never know what is popular until you share it. One of the bars I frequent in the East Village was on national television because they had an army of people coming each week to watch a tv show!

Twitter is all about having an actual person on the other end of the line, so it’s a plus to showcase your personality. Again, people like interesting information coming from a real person and don’t want to feel like they’re being sold something!

This is getting confusing … So if nobody likes to get sold stuff, how do you advertise on twitter?

We provide you with tips and tricks to writing promos for your restaurant that don’t sound salesy, ideas that will keep people talking about your brand when you’re not there, some restaurants to follow that make this work expertly, and we’ll even help you write a few to get started.

But I’m super busy already. It sounds like a lot of work. How much of my day is this going to take?

As much or as little as you’d like, really, but the minimum is about ten minutes a day. We find people start checking Twitter like e-mail. Then they start having more conversations, making more friends, getting more excited about it, and they want to get updates on their phone. We’ll show you how to keep your twitter presence strong even when you’re not near the computer, if you want. Whatever smartphone you have, we’ll set up a twitter client on it and teach you the basics. Even if you don’t use a smartphone, we’ll set you up on twitter for mobile phones.

OK, I’m interested in learning more.

E-mail me by clicking here (or send it to Hagan [at] WanderingFoodie [dot] com) or call me at (949) 4-FOODIE (that’s 436-6343).

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