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Top of the Hub – Boston, MA

There are a few reasons why I have a thing for going to the tallest restaurant in the city:

1) It costs a lot less to go get a drink at the top than to pay to go to the observation deck (plus, you get a drink at the restaurant)
2) You really get a feel for the layout of the city and suburbia (that’s my engineer talking)
3) It satisfies all of my king-of-the-mountain unfulfilled ego needs from childhood (but Dr. Freud exhumed and arisen might consider the shape of the building while psychoanalyzing me and claim a phallic fixation)

So Boston was the latest city to meet my acquaintance from above. Whether you’re satisfying your hunger or desire to be inside the head of a giant penis, you’ll be pleased with the Top Of The Hub. I went for Brunch and the service was fantastic. I recall the mini almond croissants being a table favorite, and each course was dressed to the nines. Aesthetically pleasing plating and interesting flavor juxtapositions kept me entranced from the first sight to my last bite. My mother pledged to take us out each year (for Mother’s day . . . maybe that was a hint for my brother and I to pay next time) for the views, exquisite fare, great service, and pretty people watching.

I’ve seen a lot of reviews on Yelp complaining about the per-person minimum. Whoda thunk it ain’t their type of place?

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