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The Ruck – Troy, NY

My RPI friends and I, and even some of my friends who have visited Troy a few times, constantly wonder how the best Chicken Wings and the best Pizza in the entire world can be found in the brokedown milltown hamlet called Troy, NY.

It really is amazing. The wings. The wings . . . I mean, just get the wings. I was in Springfield, and had some time to kill before I was due in NYC, so I drove an hour and a half to Troy for some wings and a slice of Pizza. I think if I lived in Springfield, this would be a common occurence for me.

The ruck has undergone some renovations in the last few months, and anyone who hasn’t been in a while should check out the place, it’s vastly improved and isn’t the dark, dingy place we all loved so much. They have the shuffleboard table back, and the TVs are all HD and brand new.

How could someone rate this place below four stars? It boggles the mind.

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