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TBSP – Plate 91
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TBSP – Plate 91

This was my second meal with Sarah of Edible Living (link) and the first time, she didn’t want to be on camera, but we got her this time. Maybe it was peer pressure from Katie (link), her friend in from San Francisco. Yes, three food bloggers at once up in this joint, and we got some restaurant owner action on the video as well. What luck!

Sarah actually set this meeting up herself, she knew the owner (Melissa Chmelar) and reserved a table for three for us and I got out of paying for another breakfast! Breakfasts were the hardest to wrassle on this trip, but in the end, I always had more restaurants that wanted to be a part of the project than I had spots. I ended up not going to more than one place that agreed to be a part of the project, strictly based on the availability of the writers. I’m going to write a deconstruction post just after all the plates are wrapped up.

Holy crap – I’m on the last day of write ups for 93 Plates! In February, I’ve been working on a lot of other stuff; I started a new business, I have my first new client (thanks in part to the lovely people at Spa Deals), I’ll have an apartment in NYC by the end of the day today, and my condo is sold. Any one of you who wants to point out that “sold” is a dubious term when talking about exactly what happened to my condo, please feel free. Regardless, things are coming together pretty well for me right now. Later on today, I am going to The Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell – life doesn’t get better.

Butter and JamButter and Jam

Butter and Jam, Butter and Jam, I’m a little lad who loves Butter and Jam!

I think I am going to be the little lad for halloween next year. You could probably pull this off as a sick St. Patty’s Day costume as well, seeing as he’s wearing green (it is forest green, but who’s counting?).

Anyway, picture of Butter and Jam – hope you like it.

Cherry Walnut MuffinCherry Walnut Muffin

Here’s why this cherry walnut muffin was better than any cherry walnut muffin you’ve ever had – the walnuts were soaked until moist before being put in the muffin batter, so they weren’t hard and crunchy, but they were still firm. Damn, that’s a good muffin!

Cranberry SconeCranberry Scone

OMFG – this is a scone that I actually liked. I think Sarah secretly wanted to convert me to scone appreciation, because I was definitely not a scone lover at Café Grumpy (link). Get that weak dry scone stuff outta here – Melissa ain’t serving up no substandard scones here. Seriously, unlike any scone I’ve tasted. Even scones my mom makes come out dry sometimes (Sorry mom! You know I love you! And Michelle said the apricot cookies you made were excellent!).

Crispy on the outside, moist and soft on the inside, and (wait for it … wait for it …) perfect with a little butter and jam. OK, that will clear it up – the seventh and final P-Bomb of the trip goes to TBSP.

Breakfast PizzaBreakfast Pizza

Both the girls loved this the most. Tart and tangy manchego cheese, a pleasantly runny egg, thick bacon, and a well-made pico de gallo accompanying it really brought it all to a fitting conclusion of deliciousness.

French FriesSexy Lookin’ French Fries

Look at these Goddamned beautiful french fries. I swear, I should really tag my flickr photos. They’re frickin’ gorgeous. See how far I’ve come as a photographer? Look at this post (link). Those were my favorite fries of the journey.

Now with these, I took them from the table, brought them to a window, used a napkin to reflect the light back onto them from the other side … I’ve really evolved.

BLT and avocadoBLT & A

This was my favorite. I was looking forward to this because I had The Fancy at Mike and Patty’s (link) with the avocado and eggs integrated together. It came on a baguette from Balthazar with some red pepper aoli. I must say, this one was legit.


It came with those green as hell pickles that you get at Katz’s … I love these things. I found out that they’re Called Guss’ Pickles (site). I don’t know how old Guss does it, but he sure makes a mean pickle. And those tomatoes? Fuggedaboutit.

The burger had grilled red onion on it – a really nice touch. I forget the kind of cheese that was on here, but it looks to me like cheddar. It was a grass-fed Angus beef burger. I need to do some side by side burger testing because I don’t think I can tell the difference between grass-fed and non. It was a great burger; again – the bacon – awesomeness.


Dessert for breakfast? Come on; I think you know me by now.

The blondie was super-caramelly, the white chocolate chunks inside were huge. I’ll rock this à la mode the next I come in.

Chocolate CupcakeChocolate Cupcake

Dessert winner. Those gigantic nonpareil-like things on the top gave it a very pleasing crunch. Writing ‘gigantic nonpareil’ makes me think I may have been deprived of some nonpareil diameter as I grew up. Melissa didn’t seem to make such a big deal out of how huge they were, but they were larger than any I’d seen. I need to broaden my nonpareil repertoire. I digress – the cream cheese frosting was fantastic as well. Just a damn good cupcake.

Here’s our video:

Guest Writers: Sarah Copeland and Katie Morford

The IRL Arts Foundation and The Wandering Foodie thank TBSP for providing this meal.

17 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011
(646) 230-7000

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  • sunmiscoopst March 18, 2010, 12:11 pm

    The breakfast pizza looks absolutely amazing! breakfast food on a slice of pizza… what an interesting idea! I want to try a slice myself!

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