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Tasting Food from around the World
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Tasting Food from around the World

This site is a great hub of information about food in certain places. The Wandering Foodie provides a great source of advice about where to eat, and where not to eat, when traveling around the world.

If you are planning a trip in search of really great food, the articles on this site will give you a helping hand. You may be at home wondering what to do with your time off. Whether to relax at home watching television and playing Partypoker, or to venture further afield and experience something new. The latter is what the Wandering Foodie has done, and in abundance too.

Among the many places the Wandering Foodie has been is Washington DC, the capital city of Massachusetts. Being located on the coast, this area is well known for its seafood, including clams and haddock. Especially in around the Boston area, where well-know items of food are baked beans and bulkie rolls.

A bulkie roll is a type of sandwich roll, typical of New England.These are bigger in size than normal buns used for hamburgers. They are usually soft but with a lightly crispy crust. Also popular around the Boston area is a hot roast beef sandwich, accompanied by sweet barbecue sauce.

In New York where the Wandering Foodie has often visited, the cuisine is typically very mixed up. This is as a result of the various ethnic groups who have made their home in the United States. They, understandably, bring their own ethnic cuisine with them and end up integrating it into the local culture of wherever they settle down.

Experiencing different tastes is an important factor in learning about the world. Every place, even if only slightly different from the neighboring one, has a unique type of cuisine. The locals of an area usually see this as familiar and it becomes something which they identify with their home and integrate into their memories.

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