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Super Fusion Cuisine – Allston, MA

If you are a true sushi lover, you must order “Omakase.” This means “Chef’s Choice.” It will be a more expensive meal than the one you might have planned on ordering, but this journey through the best and freshest items on in the house coupled with the heightened thoughtfulness and care in preparation you receive by placing your trust in the hands of the Itamae is well worth the added price. For instance, we had a lobster/seared foie gras/avocado/mango concoction that probably cost $20 and was simply amazing.

All three times I’ve been there, the service has been fantastic. The last time, the order came to about $55 a person, but we brought two bottles of our own wine, so we actually saved money there. You can let the chef know that you have a price cap and he’ll adjust accordingly. If you’re more budget conscious, you want to have the best stuff in the chef’s arsenal, but you also want to be full when you leave, ask them to serve you rolls to start off.

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