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Spa Madness!
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Spa Madness!

I don’t think it’s too far out of an idea to believe that I have never really been a spa guy. Most guys aren’t. When I had the chance to go to iSpa in Queens on the dime of Spa Week Daily as a part of Spa Madness (website), I figured I’d broaden my repertoire and check out the slimming body wrap. After all, I’d just gained twelve pounds from 93 plates (link) and I needed as much help as possible to get me back to my sub 200 self.

Not knowing what to expect, I did a bit or research on slimming body wraps and got an idea of what was going to happen at the spa. Here are the steps to the process:

1. Get naked
2. Get slathered in some organic, expensive-sounding stuff
3. Get saran wrapped
4. Jump in a heat bag
5. Sweat off some lbs (aka, detoxify)
6. Get cleaned up

Didn’t seem like a big deal. The only thing different from what I researched online was the exfoliating scrub to start the process (bonus #1) and the head massage (“bonus” #2 – the head massage wasn’t so hot).

Maybe it was a placebo effect, but when I finished, I did feel a bit firmer around the stomach. It could have been that the green tea/seaweed paste constricted some capillaries to give the illusion of feeling slimmer; whatever it was, it felt good. If I could afford to keep doing this, I could get used to a spa treatment once a week.

In short, Connie was a doll, the spa was modern, the equipment was new, everything was immaculately clean, the wrap was enjoyable … I’ll admit the head massage was a bit weird, but I’ll let that slide because I felt like a million bucks after my time in iSpa was finished. My caveat to you is that I haven’t had many spa experiences, so I’m not that that good at comparing places. I’m pretty sure that modern, clean, and professional are things that people look for when making a spa choice, and these ladies did a fine job at that.

Spa Week® Spring 2010 is April 12 – 18, when select treatments (including this one) are just $50 a piece at participating spas across North America. You can start booking appointments March 15th, when the Spring Spa Week directory launches

Here’s my video of the whole experience:

28 – 27 Steinway Street
Astoria, NY 11103

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