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Say You Want a Revolution?
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Say You Want a Revolution?

I just received this in my hotmail box. It bounced back after some addresses were incorrect, but I don’t know how it bounced back when I didn’t send it. Weird stuff (I translated this from German on Babelfish):

I would be pleased much, if you mean letter publish could. I live in the Ruhr district, in a city named Neukirchen Vluyn. In this city the portion of Turks and white Russians increases ever more. The frightening to it is that the criminality becomes ever higher. No miracle, so far I white has the Russenmafia there in a multistoried building settlement their accomodation. The juvenile white Russians are there already perfectly established. The bad is, which cannot themselves resist alone. If one resists, if they want to take Klamotten or valuable articles from you off, the whole horde/hurdle comes and then one kriegste on the muzzle that it washed itself. Mixing partnerships increase there ever more. That is, that ever more German women with Russians or Tuerken together are. In former times there was a Doenerbude in new churches, now is it 3. Everywhere, where German business was closed, the following business owners are Turks. I ask myself, what happens with this country. In the economy hostile takeover is called. Am I too unworldly? I probably hardly believe. It must completely fast here which change. Here in Germany I feel as a stranger in the own Land.Ich hope myself, your influence in completely Germany will become so strong that finally times again a party at the government is, that supports German interests.

Maybe I’m Tyler Durden

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