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Restaurant Madness Championship
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Restaurant Madness Championship

Just like Eater had proclaimed (and maybe influenced a tad), it’s Danny Meyer vs. Danny Meyer in the final (link to story)!  I just had a Shackburger at Citi Field for the first time last night and I have to tell you, it’s exceptional. Lawrence (link) works for SNY and gave me the tickets, so when I picked them up from him yesterday, he took a second to convince me of the Shack greatness after reminiscing about one of his latest posts (link).

While we’re on the subject of Citi Field, I’d also seen evidence of some kicked-up poutine in this vid (another link), but those fries didn’t make the cut for this year’s Restaurant Madness. Another item that is completely unrelated but worth noting, special thanks to Irene and Marie of Mama’s of Corona for showing my Irish couchsurfers what real italian sandwiches can be. They got a taste of the best mozzarella in Queens last night as an appetizer to our Shack Burger main course.

Without further ado, let’s get to the Danny Meyer Showdown!

Michelin Manhattan vs. Manhattan Cheap Eats

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Michelle! Oh Michelle … with three potentials going into the final, you only got one right this round and didn’t choose a Meyer restaurant to win it all! This could spell disaster for you going into the final! I won’t tell anyone who you picked, but I will say that there are five people with a chance at the Groupon Grand Prize! It’s anyone’s game, folks. I also wanted to say that I am going to be giving out four $50 Groupon gift certificates instead of two $100 gift certs to spread the love a bit. And besides, don’t you just love the Groupon cat (how come I can’t find a link to a pic of this guy)?

Player Sweet Sixteen Score Total Score
Michelle H. 16 103
Arthur L. 16 93
Janine M. 16 88
Erin P. 16 86
Sheryl F. 16 85
Jessie L. 16 85
Manideepa S. 16 81
Steph L 16 80
Nicholas G. 16 79
Becky K. 16 76
Alex W. 16 74
Annie S. 16 73
Mike N. 16 65
Steve M. 16 65
Gabriella K. 16 65
Mike S. 16 63
David G. 16 61
Sara A. 16 57
Shayna W. 0 56
Michelle T. 0 55
Rose A. 16 54
Samantha K. 0 54
Christopher O. 16 52
Sarah L. 0 52
Jonathan G. 0 52
Dan R. 0 45
Michelle K. 0 41
Caroline L. 0 40
Sarah M. 0 40
Allegra B. 0 36
Marissa C. 0 35
Nina C. 0 34
Todd R. 0 34
Simon D. 0 29
Casey O. 0 28
Jason H. 0 28
Hilary P. 0 27
Laurence G. 0 24
Stacey B. 0 19

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  • Foodie April 13, 2010, 4:13 pm

    Whoa! 11 Mad Park lookin' strong! I thought this was a shake shack victory for sure.

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