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Petey’s Burger – Plate 59
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Petey’s Burger – Plate 59

petey's double cheeseburgerI’d just seen this video on Pat Lafrieda meats on Always Hungry (link) and was pretty impressed by that organization. If you get a chance, take a look – it’s an interesting view from a side of the industry that a lot of us don’t pay attention to. Without watching the video, you understand that meats coming from Lafrieda are top quality and cut to order. If you want to know what goes into making the burgers specifically, skip to 4:20 in the video (dude). That’s the meat they use at Petey’s.

If you’ve seen Food Inc. (link) you understand what goes into making the hamburgers at most fast food restaurants. It’s an ammonia-washed meat supplement from Beef Products Inc. that they wash with ammonia (yes, they wash the food that is intended to go into your body with ammonia).

To say that there’s a difference between the meat that is used in the burgers at McDonalds and a place like Petey’s is an insult to everyone associated with this gorgeous burger, from the cook to the cow. The meat in any fast food burger is practically indistinguishable what you get at Petey’s. I got the Cajun Burger (pic) and added two slices of American (it comes with Bleu cheese) and Matt went traditional with the petey's friesDouble Cheeseburger (above). Of course, you know we were getting a big order of Fries (left) as well. They had milkshakes, so I got one of my In-N-Out Secret faves, The Neapolitan. As far as the difference between the pizza and the Ice cream, I don’t think there’s strawberries on the pizza (not 100% on this one) but I guess the word “Neapolitan” just means that it’s a style originated in Naples. I was curious about the pizza licensing, so I looked it up; and here’s the licensing page (link).

Although the cajun burger was spicier than the regular double cheeseburger, I have to hand this one to tradition. The cheeseburger won my heart with one bite. I’ve been to three burger places in the city so far, and for price to quality, Petey’s Burger wins. For taste, it also wins. Yes, this has been my favorite burger on the journey thus far. I still have to try Corner Bistro, so get back to me after that one and I will declare a winner.

The fries; hand cut, delicious, Matt Timms tossed a P-bomb on them (perfect). I was so taken by these, I wanted to know if there was a special kind of oil that they cooked them in. They were absolutely divine.

Lauren of East Village Kitchen (link) asked me last night “You’ve been going to all these awesome places … don’t you just want a burger sometimes?”

Yes, Lauren; I do. And if I had to choose, I’d want it from Petey’s Burger.

Here’s our video:

Guest Writer: Matt Timms

The IRL Arts Foundation and The Wandering Foodie thank Petey’s for providing this meal.

30-17 30th Avenue
Astoria, NY 11102
(718) 267-6300

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