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Milky Way Lounge & Lanes – Jamaica Plain, MA

The kids really seemed to like my rendition of George Michael’s “Faith” backed by the ever popular Huevos Rancheros, but the video my date took of me belting it out left something to be desired. Stubble and some tight, androgynous jeans perhaps?

Nothing is like the feel of live band karaoke when the crowd is rocking – while the song selection is limited, fronting a live band is something you definitely want to do at least once in your lifetime. If you’re scared you’ll botch the words (I couldn’t tell if my date was Tay Zonday or not as she held the mic so far away), get the setlist one week, throw your fave on your iPod for the week, and know it cold. A 4’11” 160 lb Madonna totally ROCKED “Dress You Up” the night I attended. I’ll surely be back for more.

Monday night – Free Bowling. Candlepin style. My friend bet me 20-1 odds that I wouldn’t bowl a strike that night and not only did I not hit one, there wasn’t a strike bowled within two lanes of us all night. Candlepin is a different animal – plus, it’s manual scoring, so you learn how to score in bowling too. Need to brush up on the Wii before stopping by again.

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