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I’m Starving

I’d been talking with an ex in NYC about doing 24 in 24 in the next city. A turn of events had me stuck in Baltimore for a few months, and the plan to go West was scrapped for the time being. It came down to Philadelphia and New York City. I had my heart set on New York since I started the project, but it was the sheer enormity of the Big Apple that had me worried I wouldn’t be able to pull it off like I wanted to. How was I going to be able to narrow it down to get all those amazing, must-eat restaurants fit into one 24 hour stretch? I could do only pizza . . . only Italian . . . only Astoria . . . I wasn’t able to hit on it.

Then it clicked. I don’t have to narrow it down; I’ll go to all of them. Three eateries each day, celebrating the best food the city has to offer, with commentary from some of the premier food writers and chefs in the city, all wrapped up into one gorgeous, gluttonous month and tied with a bow, just in time for the holidays.

Let’s get this show on the road.

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