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First few hours of 24 in 24: Boston – Later Today

All that’s left to do are the voiceovers on 5:00 and 6:00 AM, but I couldn’t find a good place to do them acoustically last night. I was being bothered by drunks.

A patron of the (free wifi) bar I was quietly working at came over to my table. He’d been drinking long enough to notice that I hadn’t eat or drank anything . . . long enough for me to notice that his nose had the character of the Utah salt flats. Steadying himself on the table beside us, he confronted me about not ordering. I’d had lunch and a scotch ($20) and was tipping the evening girl for doing nothing. When he told me to order or get out, I suggested he ask the bartender if she wanted me and my tipping for nothing to go. Instead, he had another cigarette, and I finished paying the bar’s Comcast bill in peace.

Come on people!

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