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Favorite License Plate of the Holiday Road Trip

Gotta be “BBW QT,” although “N2 GLDNS” could be taken in a very incorrect (and humorous) manner.

The weekend summary:

Dec 23: Left work at Five on Tuesday (Gaithersburg, MD)

Drove to Eugene’s, got there at 8, Hung out until 9 (Delran, NJ) 160 Miles

Drove to Tami’s on 34th Street and stayed the night (NYC) 86 Miles

Dec 24: Lunch with Liz in LI (Lake Grove, NY) 55 Miles

Christmas Eve at Uncle Gary’s (Southbury, CT) 115 Miles

Dec 25: Lunch with J and Lez Dogg In Maine (Portland, ME) 240 Miles

Dinner with mom on Deering Street in Portland

Drinking with friends at Boru’s in Portland

Dec 26: Coffee with C-Mac in Y-Town (Yarmouth, ME) 14 Miles

Football with The Boys at YHS

Dinner with the Pops

Skirt chasin’ and beer drankin with Staunton in Beantown (Boston, MA) 106 Miles

Dec 27: Patriots Bills game at Gillette Stadium (Foxboro, MA) 33 Miles

Walk to the cah after the Bills get shellacked (Foxboro, MA) 1 mile

Party with Slobstein, GlennDog, and the Bop (Hoboken, NJ) 202 Miles

Walk to the freakin’ bar (The Other Side of Hoboken, NJ) Seemed like 10 Miles

Dec 28: Drive home (Germantown, MD) 250 Miles

I was in the car for almost an entire day of my vacation. I gots to get myself one of these.

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