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0hitsLast June, I didn’t have a website. Last July, I had 24 of the best restaurants in Boston pay me to eat there and film it. I did the same with the best restaurants in DC in August. In January, 93 New York City restaurants comped over $9,000 of food and drink to someone who had never reviewed a restaurant in Manhattan before and never received any local press coverage. In March, I spent $50 on web design and got picked up on Feast NY and twice on Eater. In May, I posted an online review of Burger King’s Ribs and grabbed the #1 Google search listing for the search term over countless news outlets.

I’ve appeared in The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal Online, The Christian Science Monitor, Mashable, Food News Journal, NBC New York and DC, on National Public Radio, and over seventy food blogs. This has all come from the last year alone from a total budget of less than two grand. At the time, I drive over 20,000 individual users to my website each month with observations on products, restaurant reviews, and recipe creation. There are a lot of people with ideas, but not a lot of people with the vision and determination to execute them, and to do so with such a small budget.

I help you get people buzzing about your restaurant – you can think of me as your social-media expediter. I’ll help you put the finishing touches on your online content to give them a professional flair and

That’s where I come in.


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