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BMW Scam
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BMW Scam

I saw an BMW M5 online selling for $21,000 – $64,000 sticker, bu7t this guy is selling for $21,000 with Buy It Now. Of course if I can meet the guy and pick the car up, I’d do it. Unfortunately, it was a scam. Here’s the guy’s e-mail:


First you have to know the car is available on eBay,but the bidding/buying is restricted.The reason is that I had too many problems with bidders in the past and since then I am carefully with my auctions. I think that they always like to bid but not all the time like to buy,they just play games.The auction is a buy it now one so,only one person can buy it but for that I will need a proof of his seriousity and that he is available to pay anytime.For that, you need just to be agree with my condition stated below and the car will be yours.

The buy it now price includes shipping and insurance fees.


I am currently located in Italy and the car will be shipped from here with FedEx by sea with the boat to your nearest port so please tell me what is your nearest port but due to the overwhelming numbers of offers I have recieved I will ask a 999$ deposit to seal the deal.


I’m a serious seller with experience in this field. I’m a fair trader with a good feedback on eBay which is the proof that l have closed a lot of successful deals.

You will arrange payment through wired transfer (

All you have to do is go to and find an local agent near you were you have to go and send the funds.


The car will be insured at the delivery service and insured for the transport.


As soon as the car arrives, you will test the car and if it does not matches 100% to your expectations, you will return it in max. 7 days since the arrival date. In this case I will send you the full amount back and you will send me the product in the original crate and you don’t have to pay the return shipping and insurance.

If this will be ok with you just email back wit h your info and tell me what info you need more about the car and the transaction and you will have it.

Sincerely hope to do the transaction.

5. In the 7 days inspection perioud you decide to buy the car send the remainig balance and i will send the car’s papers.

The ebay item has already been deleted! Either justice works quickly or the scammer already made his loot . . .

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