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Beer Sessions #1
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Beer Sessions #1

Jimmy knows good beer. He knows how to order food. If I ate with him on a nightly basis, I would be broke exactly next Thursday.

It’s killing me not to have my macro lens (supposed to be delivered today) because we had an absolute feast at Roberta’s last night. How I still haven’t posted my Roberta’s solo trip I took this summer, I do not know. The pictures were shot with the good old TX5 and were some of the best pictures I’d ever got out of that thing. I didn’t get any good food shots last night, though. Low light and 50mm f/1.8s don’t equal great food photography, but I did get a good shot of myself with a cute baby.

We talked about beer, we talked about tipping, we talked about Nut Browns, IPAs, and interesting résumés. We drank a growler of the Kelso Chocolate Stout, but no one drank the Woodchuck Winter that I brought – I thought it was kind of interesting with the oak chips in it… I don’t even know where it went because it wasn’t drank in the studio and we didn’t drink it at the table afterward. Whoever at Heritage tried it want to weigh in on the Woodchuck?

I can’t embed the audio on my site, so before I forget, you can click here to listen to the show.

Here’s Jimmy:

I used to do a radio show in college. I think I did about seven episodes. We talked about the shoe bomber. My dad, my lacrosse teammates, and my Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers called in and dicked around for a few Wednesdays in 2001. It was for a class. I got an A. This was my teacher – Roger rocked. If you go to RPI and don’t take a class from Roger, you’re missing out.

This is Kelly, one half of Kelso Brewing:

Kelly’s wife Sonya. Give you three chances to figure out where the name came from…

This is me with their cute baby, Kelso II. I forget the name of the baby, actually. I had a conversation on Facebook about the Fresh Prince’s kids’ names (Will and Jada’s kids are named Willow and Jaden – this is the truth) and Kelso II just seemed to fit here.

Here’s Will Stephens of with Jimmy. He and his brother made a site that tells you where you can get your favorite beer on tap (or in bottles) in NYC. I’ve yet to try it, but it’s now bookmarked.

I don’t know which picture Jen would like as her next Facebook picture, but she can choose from both on my Flickr page.

We had four pizzas, marrow, steak, a couple of pitchers of fantastic beer, some salads, and some sauteed raddichio.

I was stuffed. Looking forward to round two in a month! I’ll be back on air December 21st.

Heritage Radio Network
261 Moore Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(347) 335-0752

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  • Brock Middlebrook November 24, 2010, 2:47 pm

    Jen will clearly choose Photo 2, in Brock’s humble opinion

    Looks like a pretty great time, although I surprisingly learned nothing about beer from the beer sessions post. Then again, I skipped the audio.

    Growler of Pig’s Ear Bown coming to Thanksgiving with me tomorrow FYI×300.jpg

  • Hagan November 25, 2010, 8:34 am

    Sounds pretty tasty…

    This might be my worst post ever. Read the paragraph about my radio show and tell me that’s not GD terrible.

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