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Ask The Foodie

What the hell am I going to ask you?

Food recommendations in DC, Boston, NYC? Life questions? Should you go to Japan to Teach English or Africa for the Peace Corps? Who’s going to win The Next Food Network Star? Top Chef? I don’t care – ask me anything and I’ll answer.

How come?

Because I’m G-D hilarious.



Prove it.

Yesterday someone asked if they had any recommendations for Vienna and Prague. I said to try the sausage and stay away from windows.

I don’t get it.

Well, if you did, you’d be laughing. It’s hilarious.

So where do I submit my questions?

For now you can submit them to hagan (@t) wanderingfoodie [ . ] com or just tweet me @H18, but in a week or so, I’ll make it easier on you , and there will be a pop-up or something will just appear on the screen and let you start typing anonymously. I’ll do a column once a week (or whenever I get enough questions) and I promise, it’s going to be funny.