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6:00 PM – Ten Tables

A little bit of a SNAFU going to Ten Tables: (there are two locations, JP and Cambridge, and the owner, Krista) I call JP, no one knows I’m coming, they call Cambridge, get me a spot, I get to Cambridge, meet chef Dave, order the Steak Frites, get a call from Krista, she says “I can’t accommodate you,” (as if that was actually an option) I say, “I’m already accommodated, we’re good.” we get bread and olive oil, I get steak, it is glorious, dip fries in the au jus and garlic aoli, we completely devour the plate between the four of us, and move on to the 7:00 PM stop of 24 in 24: Boston . . .

Ten Tables
597 Centre St
Jamaica Plain, MA‎
(617) 524-8810‎

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