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Hey, I want to buy some game six and seven tickets to the world series. I can get 8 to each game in section 615 for three large. I was thinking about taking the profit on two pairs each game and using that to subsidize a nice time watchin the Yanks get hammered in the Bronx. Right now, these tix are going for about $200 each, and I can get them for $188 each. By the time these games roll around, I could sell a pair to anyone upwards of 125th street for at least $300 a ticket. I did this exact thing on a smaller scale in 1999 when the Sox played the Yankees in the ALCS and got my money back when it only went to five games.

I need two investors. $1,000 each. Profit margin: 20% without seeing a game; Break even if you want to go to both.

Who wants in?

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