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My Fantasy Football Season is approaching, but there are some rule changes underway:

New rule for the 2004 season: Any marriages that take place between the months of August and December will result in the loss of draft picks in future years. Kinda like the NFL coaches hiring policy or a salary cap violation . . .

Wilkens can vouch for me here, I called him up after I had heard the news that he was getting married, told him congratulations, congratulated Patricia (his fiancee) and told that woman that her wedding better not interfere with our Fantasy Draft. Lo and fucking behold, it’s the same weekend on which we had our draft last year.

Patricia is a great girl, really she is, but you know that kinda shit ain’t gonna fly with my lady.

Follow up!!! From the Wilk-Diggity himself himself:

As for weddings in August, my only advice is to not discuss how it interferes with FFL while drunk, and especially not to accept the challenge to call said woman’s mother and proceed to explain to her while drunk.  Recipe for disaster.

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