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To those people who seem to think that I’m doing nothing all day now that I have a new 100% comission job, you’re mistaken. I do have free time during the day, but I no longer count on my weekends to do errands or enjoy myself. My schedule has been turned on its ear. On Saturday, I have class from nine to five, on Sunday I have the same class from eleven to nine. This means I’ll be taking it real easy on the weekends.

Just yesterday, for instance, I worked from eleven to nine thirty with a break for lunch and a stop at Wal*Mart to pick up some accessories for my home office. The schedule doesn’t bode well for me getting on the net, unless it’s to research what I’m going to buy to promote my business.

I also have no new stories, although I am quickly finding that Primerica is not the company I originally thought. A couple nights ago, we went into a low-income family’s house and saved them $50 a month and gave them more for their investments. The guy had been out a job for two months, their situation was getting real tight, and they were paying for something that they weren’t getting their proper return on. Now of course I sound cheesy by being excited about this stuff, but the fact is, I’ll only be helping people who need help.

By all means, let the heckling commense . . .

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