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4:00 PM РCaff̩ Vittoria and Stanza dei Sigari

Caffé Vittoria is the best place in Boston to take a first date, and here’s why. You have the cappuccino, you have the share a cannoli, everything goes well, you are in like Errol. But let’s say you have the cappuccino, you have the share a cannoli, she gets a call and has to go halfway through dinner, two can play at that game. Make your own call to one of your boys and bounce downstairs to Stanza De Sigari to enjoy the best guy’s night out spot in Boston.

We went downstairs after the best cappuccino and cannoli combo in the city and I grabbed a ceremonial smoke from a patron and actually was paparazzi-ized by a cute Asian girl who had either just bought a new camera or thought I was someone important (of course, my mom will defend ’til the end that I am). Mers admires the low-key atmosphere, and Brett has gotten in and out of a bar in Boston without being carded (he’s 20). We’re off to to change drivers for the final leg of the journey at the 5:00 Stop of 24 in 24: Boston . . .

Caffé Vittoria &
Stanza dei Sigari
296 Hanover St
Boston, MA
(617) 227-7606‎

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