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Let me tell you how much Southwest Airlines rocks. I ordered a flight a couple weeks ago, and now I don’t want to fly one leg of the flight. The fare was an internet special, so it was pretty inexpensive. I figure that I could get refunded the fare, but that isn’t the case. However, I can get it applied to future Southwest flights, and I fly a lot, so I’m OK with this idea. So I ask her how I can make sure I get the money applied to the next flight, and she says, “Just don’t show up.”

Huh? I can just not show up and still keep my money? What kind of sweet deal is this? I would just like to say that thus far, Southwest has exceeded all of my customer service requests. One time I wrote and asked them if they were an airline that reimbursed people for expenses incurred for delayed flights, since I had incurred said expenses. They promptly responded to my letter, and said that their business model as a low-fare airline couldn’t support such costs, but they’d give me a travel voucher to be used on any Souhwest flight. Of course, the travel voucher was only $25 and all flights are much more than that, so you could see that as a ploy for me to buy a flight on their airline. Like I said before, I fly a lot, so that voucher was almost as good as cash.

So fly Southwest Airlines. I’m not getting paid to say this; just fly Southwest . . .and buy their stock. They’re a great company.

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