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Asian drivers are bad.

It’s OK to say this. It’s not racist. It’s not a genetic trait that makes all Asians poor drivers; it’s a cultural phenomena.

See, when you drive in China, if you want to turn left, go ahead! Turn. People in the other lane are expected to slow to a halt if YOU want to turn. I saw a guy on his motorcycle standing in the middle of a six lane street at a green light talking on his cell phone. I was almost hit by a dump truck that was going full bore through a red light. In China, it’s OK to blow red lights (and God knows I took advantage of this rule), it’s OK to go down the street on the wrong side of the road, it’s OK to cross three lanes to take a right, and it’s OK to slow to a stop in the middle lane of a road while you decide what route to take.

Asian women drivers? I don’t know. They all sucked.

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