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Today, I went into an arcade and saw a couple of really interesting video games. There was one where you played some sort of bongo drums and this Japanese drum-dog barked and grunted along with you. These are the real popular ones over here. They’re the ones with music that you have to supply some sort of beat to, and being white, I am no good at any of these games. I don’t know why they’re so popular . . . When I look at these machines, all I see is a glammed up vesion of “Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.” You’re just reacting to things on the screen and nothing seems to be happening otherwise. The other versions of these things have you play guitar, keyboards, entire drum sets, or hit few buttons on the console like a high spped version of Simon. Some make you dance along to them, but we have those in the US.

This one game that incorporated the Simon aspect was a race game where you went faster by pressing the buttons in the right combination, but you also would lose your balance if you missed many button presses. In the beginning of the race, a dog took a dump and it flew up in the air and landed on a stick that you were balancing. You had to race to be the first to drop it in the toilet. When the first playerr made it to the toilet, the remaining players were left covered in dog doo.


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