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24 in 24: DC – 7:00 PM @ Cashion’s Eat Place

So we were late to Cashion’s. I took six minutes out of the 7:00 hour to convene with the Fojols at their art opening and grab a quick chicken masala/curried chicken/roasted eggplant box that was barely nibbled since the space in our stomachs had just been ransacked by Zaytinya. We arrive at Cashion’s, and on cue, a homeless man is ready to polish off our uneaten Indian food.

Cashion’s wasn’t on the initial list for 24 in 24: DC, but as I heard their name after asking the ‘favorite restaurant’ question over and over in my interviews, I needed to see what all the hubbub was about. I called up and they were happy to have me in to try their stuff. In my interview with Justin, they dropped two appetizers on me that were chock full o’ win: fresh vegetable mezze and a lamb souvlaki – exactly what I felt like after a long day of bike riding, and just light enough so I’d have room for the barbecue I was attending later in the evening. At the stop on the day of the shoot, we were met with an equally refreshing tomato/balsamic/watermelon (yes, watermelon) appetizer and their muscovy duck/foie gras entrée. The combination of watermelon and reduced balsamic tasted like fennel as if I was flavor tripping. It was a very interesting experience. My internal monologue during my culinary interaction with the duck was as follows:

*Tries the duck and the Foie gras*
“Oh, that’s good . . . that is goo-oooo-ood”

*Tries the duck, foie gras, and rhubarb*
“Wait a second . . . that’s ridiculous!”

What a great combination. I saw a Bison Porterhouse on the menu just now when I was researching the menu items we had; that’s what I’m having the next time I go to Cashion’s.

Prepare to be amazed by Citronelle.

Cashion’s Eat Place
1819 Columbia Rd NW
Washington, DC
(202) 797-1819

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