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24 in 24: DC – 4:00 PM @ The Fojol Brothers of Merlindia

One hint for the Fojol Brothers – even the sisters should get mustaches. Kipoto’s girfriend was working the truck and the facial hair would have really given her that uniquely Fojol je ne sais quoi. I do know what it would have given her, but Citronelle is one of the next restaurants we are eating at and I am in the mood for some French. I think I might go to Paris to do the ultimate 24 in 24 and rassle me up a French girl. The four greatest things to come from France are #1 French Fries (OK, OK. pommes frites) #2. Foie Gras (which we will be having at 7:00 PM) #3. Champagne, and #4. Audrey Tatou. Maybe I just saw L’auberge Espagnole at a delicate time in my formative years, but she could be Julia Roberts to my Hugh Grant any day. If only I owned a bookstore . . .

Oh, I’m supposed to be reviewing restaurants? My mistake; I got on that wistful fall in love in Paris track again. Guys can have that fantasy, too, can’t they? Part of my fantasy for the day (segue) was finishing 24 in 24: DC without a hitch, and the Fojol fiasco made me question that a bit. On Thursday, when I’d interviewed the guys, they said that they wouldn’t have the truck out, but they’d make it happen for me during the day, and I read that as, ‘no problem, Hagan. We’ll meet you out.’ Apparently, what they meant was ‘We’re going to a wedding that day and you can meet us after 6PM.’ Holy F. It all worked out as they were three blocks away from our path on the way to Cashion’s. I got there, slammed the intro out with a heck of a lot more swearing than usual. As the food was delivered, I kid him about his Zagat ambiance rating, and he took it in stride.

So the Fojol Brothers of Merlindia serve Indian food out of a truck from the 1950s; the food rocks, but the show shouldn’t be overlooked. They’re dressed in Turbans, snowpants, and glued-on mustaches for their day. They are some quick-witted and thoughtful guys. I was there a week prior to the shoot, and as their day wound down, they gave out the leftovers to a crowd of homeless guys hanging out around the truck. They say they have a charitable agenda and walk their talk. These guys win 24 in 24: DC’s Humanitarian award for their community focus.

OK, so now we’re starving. Let’s head over to Etete for some Ethiopian.

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