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24 in 24: DC – 3:00 AM @ Tangier Lounge

They didn’t have tap water? WTF. Thank God this is one of the places I paid at because it was by far my worst experience of 24 in 24: DC. I didn’t expect to be treated like a celebrity, but when I said that I wanted to learn how to blow smoke rings, I didn’t expect the guy fielding that request/only guy in the place that knew how to blow smoke rings/guy who said he had to talk to the owner all week/owner (sic) would leave less than a minute after I requested that. I mean, come on. I major league boned this pick; didn’t try it out first. The owner that everyone says is cool on Yelp was very cool to me from start to finish in our interactions. Maybe he really is a nice guy, but maybe those nine other reviews are the guy’s best friends. My bad. Doesn’t deserve a minute of air time but will get it anyway. Lesson learned. This place wins the Why the expletive did I pick this place award for 24 in 24: DC. It was empty at prime time after hours while Soussi across the street looked like it was rocking.

Check out Amsterdam Falafelshop; the FINAL STOP of 24 in 24: DC.

Tangier Lounge
2305 18th St NW
Washington, DC
Don’t call, don’t go . . .

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