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24 in 24: DC – 11:00 PM @ The Brickskeller

They had my beer! Pretty much everyone I talked to about the Brickskeller said that the beer list was outdated and that I would be getting my fourth or fifth choice. I saw that they had some Central American countries listed, so I looked for beers from Nicaragua. Toña . . . Bingo. I would have been just about the happiest guy in DC, but it was warm. I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and guess that it was in the wrong cooler. In Nicaragua, beers freeze before they are served warm. Eric had some kind of German Rauchbier (smoked beer). The waiter told us it was going to be meaty, but he didn’t tell us it would jump out of the glass and scream “BACON!” Burnsie had an imperial stout of some sort, and his was the favorite of the group. The Toña tasted a bit different – I don’t think it travels well.

I love the vibe at The Brickskeller. It’s a lot like the vibe at The Gibson but you can see other people in the bar. It has a very beer-hally kind of feel to it and everyone always seems chilled out. Definitely not a singles bar, but a place that you can go to hang with a few friends and maybe play some drinking games on the tables. I’d been there once before and that’s why I’d only been there once before; going out in D.C. was never just a hanging out kind of thing since I’d lived in the ‘burbs my whole time down here. It was always more of an event night. In Boston, I have a bunch of these types of places to call my own.

So what’s the over/under on the number of drunks we’ll meet in Adams Morgan?

The Brickskeller
1523 22nd St NW
Washington, DC
(202) 293-1885‎

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