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24 in 24: DC – 10:00 AM @ The Florida Avenue Grill

Earlier in the week, my bike was stolen from the Florida Avenue Grill. Amyr was outside when the guy was breaking the lock, but apparently, the junkie gave a pretty good explanation as to why he was trying to take the bike, so he thought nothing of it. For this, the grill wins the Ever Vigilant award. Truthfully, I probably wouldn’t have done anything different than Amyr when the bum said it was his bike.

We had the Obama Breakfast: two eggs, pancakes, scrapple, and fried apples. Runner-up for the hottest frickin’ foodstuff award goes to the Florida Avenue Grill for the Fried Apples. They have the peel still on them, and I didn’t know how I felt about that. I am reading this book on restaurant reviewing, and one of the writers, in reviewing a restaurant that served a mushy fish said that he found out that the fish was supposed to be mushy before he wrote the review, which gave him some pause to reflect on cultural and regional differences in culinary style, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt on the apple skin.

In all seriousness, the Florida Avenue Grill wins the Great Food Knows No Party award for 24 in 24: DC. I saw a picture of John Ashcroft on the wall next to a picture of Spike Lee. There may not have been as many famous people to visit The Grill as some of the other establishments, but if they came in, their picture was on the wall. Maybe someday I’ll be enshrined with the rest of the celebs who’ve had their bike stolen from out in front of The Grill.

Well, there’d be no drag queens today, but we were psyched for Perry’s regardless.

Florida Avenue Grill
1100 Florida Ave NW
Washington, DC
(202) 265-1586

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