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Joe Namath on playing football with Jesus:

” . . . In the huddle, I called for a naked bootleg and J just kept saying ‘I am the way and the light,’ and something about not perishing whatsoever if we believed him . . . something like that. One of the guys said we belived him and told him to shut up so he could hear the play. He pulled off center and leveled two 230 pound linemen and it freed me to the end-zone. I mean, it wasn’t the play, but I just kinda shrugged and gave him a high-five. Easiest six I ever ran for.”

“Then there was this time we were at home playing Buffalo and this bread started pelting the whole Bills squad. Came outta nowhere! I looked at over at J; he was just standing there smiling and waving his arms around like an idiot. The ref had to call time, so I went over to get something to drink, and some jackass had spiked the gatorade. . . “

Idea totally and completely ganked from ASimpleHero.com

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