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A few of my thoughts on religion:

I want to know . . . what did people fight over before there was religion, anyway? Maybe people used to get mad because someone took their land or stole their goat. Now, for the last 2,500 years or so, people have been fighting because they thought they had the divine right (hover aside) to that same land or they thought they were doing good by trying to make people worship their goat because worshipping him was the only true path to heaven or nirvana or the land of honey and virgins.

The tower of babel is a perfect metaphor for the information age. We’re not trying to reach heaven, we’re just trying to make a heaven-on-Earth by making life as hassle-free as possible. Every invention, every idea is a brick in this monolith. The best part about it is that the workers have finally settled on the universal language of HTML.

Religion is already playing a lesser role in our collective lives. Did you know that the Christian churches in America are having problems luring men to a life under the cloth and one of the reasons is because most of the former members of the clergy were gay? Now that it’s OK to be gay in America, less people are feeling the need to commit to a life of celibacy in order to hide their true feelings for their *ahem* fellow man.

As long as you’re kind to others and have good intentions, you’ll tread whatever good path there is after death.

Now if you’ll be so kind as to excuse me, I am going to go to a bunch of religious blogs and comment. I’ll just tell them “I’m not saved” and the hits will rain from the sky like manna.

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