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So I’m answering phones today at work, and I am paging all over the building for this person, and someone in the nurse’s office tells me she’s gone to her chiropractic appointment. So I get back on the phone and tell the person looking for her that she’s gone to a chiropractic appointment and patch him through to voicemail. I immediately realize that, while not a major faux pas, this is too much information to give out. Example:

Caller: Yeah, hi. This is Bill Lumberg. Yeah, if you could just get Peter for me, that would be great.

Me: Sure, let me see if he’s avaialble (Pause) Yeah, he’s actually in the bathroom right now.

Caller: Um, Yeah well–

Me: You could wait. I mean, he’s been in there a good half-hour, so he should be out any minute now. . .

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