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I recently had this conversation with one of my friends over IM – Name changed to protect the guilty. Feminists, relax. Girls do this stuff, too.

Dude X : Well two girls since her and ice cream fuck

Blounp : Ice cream?

Dude X : That’s what one of my friends called my fuck buddy

Dude X : Fuck buddy = no commitment, just sex

Blounp : Yeah, yeah, I know that part

Blounp : but what’s the deal with the ice cream?

Dude X : We were shootin the shit about girls and I told him that if I felt like calling her (after I might have not responded to her calls for a while)

Dude X : I would call her up and say something like, “Wanna go get ice cream?”

Blounp : ha

Dude X : So it wasn’t just like “Well, I haven’t returned your calls in a month . . . wanna fuck?”

Dude X : So we got ice cream, went back to her place, fucked, and I left. That was it

Dude X : hence the term, Ice cream fuck

Blounp : Sa-mooothe, buddy

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