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Eating Out in Sorrento

image001Of all the destinations in Italy, Sorrento is amongst my favorites. The town itself is truly picturesque and benefits from a prime position on the Amalfi Coast, with Pompeii and Naples within easy reach. There are tons of great cafes and restaurants here to explore, all of which give a wonderful insight into the cuisine of the area.

Despite the intense heat of the area, meals are generally pretty hearty – not a problem once you actually start eating as the flavors are intense and delicious. Foodies like me are not disappointed in Sorrento and you should certainly head for the main square, Piazza Tasso, where a number of top restaurants are situated. Personally I feel that Sorrento holidays, if you’re planning a sunshine break this summer, wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Il Buco, a Michelin-starred restaurant that serves some of the best seafood I’ve tasted.

You’ll also be able to sample a classic Neapolitan pizza on a Sorrento holiday, with an authentic, crispy, stone-baked base. Da Filippo is very popular with locals and offers a wide range of menu options. Plus there’s an awesome shuttle bus to and from your hotel – as the restaurant is a little out of the way, this is a definite perk. The gnocchi sorrentina was fantastic here; as much a part of Sorrento as the streets themselves, for me it’s a dish that will always remind me of being there.


Fried calamari at La Fenice is exquisite, and the service here is really friendly, so worth a visit while you’re there, especially if you’re looking for a reasonably priced delve into Italian comfort food. Similarly La Lanterna offers some wonderful meals without a huge price tag – the veal saltimbocca is certainly a must-try. This restaurant would make a great spot for a romantic evening out, with a light, relaxed atmosphere and unimposing waiting staff. Perfect to relax in and enjoy yourwell-earned break during the summer holidays.

For a lazy afternoon lunch, Square is a good choice. You can access free Wi-Fi here (great for keeping up to date with your travel blog!) and while away a few hours sat out in the sun in a prime people-watching position, surrounded by a perfect blend of modern and traditional buildings. The caprese salad is incredible and perfect to enjoy with a glass of red wine. There are plenty of locals frequenting here too, so you can blend in and avoid looking too much like a tourist.

Oh, and of course, you have to try the limoncello while you’re there! There’s no shortage of places to sample the local produce though, so I’ll leave it up to you to find your favorite!

Guest post contributed by Thomson.co.uk

Images by ekieraM and Adri H used under creative commons licence

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